Thoughts of a Football Player

This acrylic and stucco painting on canvas measures 40×80 cm and takes inspiration from the timeless statues “Venus de Milo” and Antinous.

The centerpiece of the artwork features a football player deep in contemplation. The figure embodies strength, beauty, and the determination often associated with great athletes.

Above the male figure, two distinct symbols float in the air, revealing the inner world of the football player’s thoughts.

A soccer ball hovers gracefully, symbolizing the player’s unwavering dedication to the sport. The ball embodies his dreams, aspirations, and the countless hours spent honing his skills on the pitch.

The exquisite figure of Venus stands elegantly alongside the soccer ball, representing the footballer’s passion beyond the field. Venus, a timeless symbol of love and beauty, signifies the player’s pursuit of aesthetic pleasures.

The painting plays with irony and common stereotypes associated with elite athletes. It invites viewers to ponder the complexity of the football player’s mind, breaking away from the conventional portrayal of sports figures as solely focused on their athletic pursuits.

The artwork is part of my “We ART the Champions” series. It is done with acrylic colors and stucco on cotton canvas. The edges are painted and the signature is present on the front and back sides. The artwork is ready to hang and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The surface is finished with a double layer of mat varnish, which makes it resistant to UV rays and the passage of time.

Acrylic and Stucco on Canvas
40 W x 80 H x 1.7 D cm

Original Sold

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