Tears of Strength: The Roller Skater's Story

“Tears of Strength: The Roller Skater’s Story” captures a powerful and intense moment, inspired by Antonio Canova’s “Penitent Magdalene”.

A roller skater, kneeling with her face turned left, conveys deep emotion, with open arms and tears streaming down her face, portraying devastation and vulnerability.

Despite the despair, the painting reveals the inner strength that propels us to overcome challenges, highlighting the contrast between allure and shattered feelings.

The artwork celebrates the struggles of great athletes and individuals facing adversity, reminding us to find hope and determination to transform pain into triumph.

Discover the profound meaning behind the painting, reflecting the human spirit and the ability to rise again even when all seems lost. Be inspired to conquer your own challenges and find inner strength.

The painting is part of my “We ART the Champions” series and is done with acrylic colors and stucco on cotton canvas. The edges are painted and the signature is present on the front and back sides. The artwork is ready to hang and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The surface is finished with a double layer of mat varnish, which makes it resistant to UV rays and the passage of time.

Acrylic and Stucco on Canvas
60 W x 60 H x 1.7 D cm

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